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DJ SHENN offers the most technologically advanced photo/video booth on the market. DJ SHENN is proud to introduce.... "The Viral Booth." Note: (Steve Henn Jr. owns the Video Photo Booth business).

The Viral Booth entertains guests from beginning to end and is a hit at any special event. The Viral booth utilizes a user-friendly touch-screen kiosk, which allows guests to enter and select "Take Photos" or "Record Video."

Award Winning Video Photo Booth Service!

Video Photo Booth Rentals & Uplighting by Viral Booth is #1 Rated in all of New England! Visit us online to check availability and receive your discount pricing today!

If "Take Photos" is selected the screen will count down and three (3) digital photographs will be taken; the guests will be able to see themselves on the screen during the countdown. After the three photos are taken, the guests have the option to "Print" photo strips by selecting "Print" on the touch-screen. If "Print" is selected, up to six (6) photo strips will print on high quality photo paper that'll last a lifetime! This allows your guests to bring something home with them to remember your special event.

A copy of each photo strip is encouraged to be placed in a scrapbook, where your guests can leave handwritten messages for you! This is a great keepsake at the end of your event that you'll cherish forever.

If "Record Video" is selected a 30 second recording begins so your guests can leave you a video message! After your event, you'll receive a usb flash drive and DVD movie with all of the photos and video messages as a keepsake! The video option is great because it allows your guests to enter the private photo booth enclosure and record a video message for you when they're ready to do so. (Note: Many videographers go table to table enticing guests to leave video messages when they're simply not ready, don't know what to say, etc; the Viral Booth allows your guests to think about what they want to say and enter the booth to record their video message when they feel comfortable to do so!)

Your guests also have the option to share their photos and/or video messages with others via Facebook, Twitter, Email, and Text! This is a great feature for people who aren't able to attend the event. In addition, all photos and videos are automatically uploaded to a secure website for six (6) months so all guests can view them. The photo/video gallery can be password protected for privacy.

Many Brides & Grooms are renting Video/Photo Booths for their guests in lieu of providing cheesy wedding favors (m&ms, candles, etc); this not only entertains their guests, but it gives the guests something they'll cherish forever! Photo Strips! Not to mention your guests can go in as many times as they'd like!

The scrapbook, flash drive, and DVD movie are great momentos for you; what other wedding favors come with a scrapbook and a DVD movie of photos and video messages?

Visit for more information, including Frequently Asked Questions.

Props are available to help your guests take those "crazy" and "fun" photos. The Viral Booth will be the life of the party from start to finish!

Contact DJ SHENN for availability and pricing.

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