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I can't say enough positive things about (DJ Shenn). We were very last minute in the preparation of our reception, and hiring Steve immediately put our minds at ease. Because our reception was a relatively small and casual affair, he gave us a great price including a deal on the uplighting. His online song request forms were easy to use and covered all of our requirements. And best of all, Steve was a pleasure to have at the party. He welcomed requests, was very flexible in regards to timing of different toasts, etc., and made the dance floor a welcoming place. And he played great music. I think it was the only dance party that I've been to where I didn't stop dancing from time to time because I was unhappy with the music! I am grateful to DJ Shenn for his huge role in the success of our wedding reception and recommend him wholeheartedly.

Excellent DJ! He was able to mix Indian, Spanish and American music flawlessly. My guests were on the floor the whole time! Thank you for being a part of my great day!

First and foremost....BEST DJ EVER! Totally professional! Showed up early, stayed late, fantastic equipment and lighting. Top notch service from this guy! Not only does he have every song you want to hear at a wedding...but they are cleverly listed on his website which was excellent and easy to use. I would not only recommend but guarantee this guy to pump out all the best tunes from every era. He was everything we could ask for and we were blessed to have him and his beautiful wife join our wedding and reception! 

Seriously Steve is amazing!!!!! I never saw so many people dance and have an amazing time!!! People I thought would never dance did!!! Everything was on que and be knew exactly what to play at the right times!!!! Also had outside ceremony music and that was amazing!!!! Highly recommend DJ Shenn to anyone who is looking!!! 

I would seriously recommend this DJ. We planned the music from another state and he called just to make sure we had all the music we needed. He found our preferred dinner soundtrack and made guests very happy. Wore a super cool tie to the reception as well. Highly recommended!!!

"Steve was excellent. He played all the songs both we and our guests wanted. The dance floor was full all night. He is meticulous in both presentation and professionalism. His equipment is state of the art, sound was excellent and the light show couldn't be beat!"

-Jess & Chris Pronovost (10/1/11)

"DJ SHENN was very professional from beginning to end. The online playlist feature was a nice touch, giving him an insight into the types of music guests enjoy hearing. DJ SHENN''s equipment is top notch and provided excellent sound that was not intrusive to the wedding decorations. The Up Lighting was excellent and an unexpected extra.

Probably, the most important thing that DJ SHENN brought to my daughter's wedding was his knowledge of the types of music people liked and wanted to dance to. Throughout the entire evening there was always someone dancing and having a great time.

Based on our experience, I would highly recommend DJ SHENN for any function."

-William Panto (Father of the Bride- 9/24/11)

"DJ SHENN anticipated the wants of the people in attendance, no matter the age, he played something for everyone, while still paying special attention to the guest(s) of honor. There was not one person who didn't dance at our event, nor was the dance floor ever empty. The party in the next room came over to find out who the DJ was! His professionalism, attention to detail, and patience with the smaller children truly astounded me. The amazing sound quality, and unobtrusive set up of equipment, (I'm a stickler for ugly signs/banners, you wont find it with DJ SHENN) and his proper attire, was a real pleaser for this girl!

The room was flooded with beautiful ambient light, in the color to match the theme of the event. This extra touch of detail that DJ SHENN provided was nothing less than spectacular! If you demand the ultimate in professional entertainment, that can anticipate you and your guests musical needs and likes, at an AFFORDABLE price look no further ladies and gents! DJ SHENN Gets the party started and keeps it going all night!"

-Carole Donahue (9/17/11)

"DJ SHENN did an outstanding job, his equiptment is top of the line, state of the art! All Bose sound, awesome LED upwash lighting, he did an unbelievable job setting up the room, he was very professional, and played every request! I would highly reccomend him to anyone looking for a DJ! Can't say enough good things about him!"

-Joel Christofori (8/21/11)

"Steve is an extremely professional, flexible, and organized DJ. He played great tunes that kept the party going into the wee hours of the night at both our jack and jill and our wedding. He even got our grandmothers up and dancing! It put our minds at ease knowing that we had someone who we could trust and was reliable to make sure everything went smoothly. I would hightly recommend Steve to anyone looking for a DJ."

-Sara & Matt Tolpa (8/13/11)

"We had DJ SHENN for our July wedding. I could not have asked for more from a DJ, he fulfilled all of our requests, played a great selection of music for each part of our reception, and the dance floor was full the entire night. He was incredibly friendly and professional and I would absolutely recommend him to anyone."

-Lydia & Jeff Darrow (7/30/11)

"Very professional and filled every request with ease. Equipment was the best I've seen and heard anywhere. Very reliable and early to arrive. Relieve your DJ worries and book him before the next party does and your stuck paying more for less. Highly recommended for any occasion."

-Nicole & Scott Gallagher (8/14/10)

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